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Jelang Kenaikan BBM, Dishub Bitung Diminta Lakukan Pengawasan

Aldy Monareh   |   9 Juni 2013 – 10:53 WITA

BITUNG, (manadotoday.com) – Menjelang rencana kenaikan Bahan Bakar Minyak (BBM) bersubsidi jenis premium dan solar, yang akan diterapkan oleh pemerintahan Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) pertengahan Juni 2013 ini, Pemerintah Kota (Pemkot) Bitung melalui Dinas Perhubungan diharapkan akan melakukan kontrol atau pengawasan terhadap angkutan umum darat dan lautan guna mengantisipasi kenaikan harga transportasi yang biasanya sering terjadi sebelum kenaikan harga BBM ditetapkan pemerintah.

”Pengawasan terhadap angkutan umum darat dan laut sudah harus dilakukan Dinas Perhubungan menjelang penetapan BBM,” kata personil LSM Bendera Raymond Lilir.

Sehingga ulah oknum sopir yang biasanya menaikan harga angkutan sebelum harga BBM ditetapkan tidak akan terjadi. ”Karena jika tidak ada langkah antisipasi ujung-ujungnya masyarakat sebagai pengguna jasa angkutan yang nantinya akan dirugikan,” pungkasnya. (lou)

Orange for your face and hair
Mostly known as a good source of Vitamin C, oranges are not only good for your health but also one of the most important natural skin-care products.

Its toning properties improve your skin texture and colour. Both Vitamin C and citric acid in oranges restore collagen in your body. Collagen helps in skin-firming and prevents ageing of the skin. Citric acid helps to reduce wrinkles and softens the skin, giving you a much younger-looking skin. It exfoliates the skin, removing the dead skin cells, and cleanses the pores, helping in acne prevention. Oranges also have Vitamin A, which, along with Vitamin C, helps reverse sun damage, protecting your skin from cancer. It is also used in spas for skin polish — it improves the texture of your skin as it exfoliates and hydrates it well.

Make your own orange peel face pack
Clean the orange peel with salt to remove all germs and then put them in a blender to make a thick paste. Add a tablespoon of yogurt, a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey into the paste and mix well. Wash your face with warm water and apply the pack. It will open up the pores. Let the pack remain for an hour and let it dry. Wash with cold water after an hour. The pack will remove all the dead skin and dirt from your face and give you a fresh feel. After washing away the pack completely, apply a thin coat of face cream to prevent the skin from drying up.

For the hair, too
Orange peel juice can be used on the scalp to reduce dandruff and oily conditions. The peel can be mashed into a pulp and used as a hair pack. It helps to condition the hair and cleanse the scalp. A tip: Rub the inside peel of an orange on your skin to tighten it. (times of india)


10 Things never to say to a woman
There are few guarantees in life, but this much we can say with certainty: The sun rises in the east, death comes to us all, and you will — at one time or another — suddenly find yourself in the midst of a blazing fight with your girlfriend without even realizing it.

Many of us have been there. One minute you’re having a conversation, maybe a minor argument, but that’s OK; it’s all under control. Then you say something — a word or passing comment, something relatively harmless, or so you think — and it sets her off. As soon as it leaves your lips, the air changes, and there’s no easy way back.

There are some things men should never say to their women — conversational land mines that appear insignificant on the face of it, but are anything but. The good news is that we know, for the most part, what they are. Many men have suffered before you. It would be wise to heed their counsel.

1. “Are you really going to eat all that?”

Your girlfriend is, by definition, as light as a feather and nimble as a ballerina. To so much as whisper a hint of the notion that she might be, you know, otherwise, is to risk paying a price as heavy as you suspect her to be. In fact, avoid the topic of food altogether if you can. Eating is an emotional, often obsessive business for women, and occasionally it’s an actual disorder. It’s tied up with their identity, their self-image, their fantasies. So the answer is, yes, she’s really going to eat all that. All that ballet must have given her an appetite.

2. “B*tch”

The B word is like the N word: Unless you’ve been appropriately oppressed, you don’t get to use it. You might be able to pull off an ironic Snoop Dogg-style “beeeyatch,” so long as you’re smiling as you say it. But to say “b*tch” with any kind of intent is to pull the pin out of a grenade.

3. “My ex used to … ”

Anything you say with the words “my ex” in it will be held against you in a court of law, as it should. Of course it’s natural to compare your girlfriends, but keep it to yourself. There are inside thoughts and outside thoughts. This belongs firmly to the former category.

4. “You always do that”

One sure way to escalate a minor tiff into a nuclear showdown is to use words like “never” and “always.” They’re too sweeping to be true, so you’ll not only upset her, but also give her the opportunity to prove you wrong and seize the higher ground. And it tends to drag every other argument you’ve had into your present one, which is like rehashing all the worst parts of your relationship all at once.

5. “You sound just like your mother”

Don’t compare her to her mother. Or her sister, for that matter. You don’t know those people like she does, and you don’t know the full complexity of their relationships. And anyway, everyone wants an independent identity, separate and distinct from their family members.

6. “Yeah, she’s hot”

Chances are she lured you in with an innocent question, like, “Do you think she’s cute?” shrugging her shoulders like it wouldn’t matter either way. But don’t be fooled. You must lie quickly and reflexively. Whether it’s a girl in a magazine, a Facebook friend, a waitress — whoever — the answer is always no. In fact, you win extra points for casually finding fault in her the closer you look. Watch your girlfriend light up as you say, “Is it me, or is her nose a bit weird?”

7. “What’s up with your hair?”

Her hair looks great and it suits her perfectly. She’s allowed to have a bad hair day, but you’re not allowed to notice. For girls, hair isn’t just hair.

8. “Relax”

The thing about “relax” is it dramatically reduces the chances of her relaxing. The same goes for “chill” and “calm down.” Here’s an alternative: “I can see how you would feel that way.” It takes a Zen master to actually use it in the heat of combat, but it’s there if you need it.

9. “Is this your time of the month?”

Even if it is, you’re not to mention it. Your role is to pretend that her menstrual cycle has no effect on her tendency to shriek and stamp and then burst into tears for no reason whatsoever. In this matter, you must occupy the high ground and show pity. Indulge her delusion that she is not in fact deranged by hormones and that she’s making a valid point. The moment will pass.

10. “I love you”

I know what you’re thinking. This is supposed to be the magic pill, the cure-all, the instant fix. But the thing about the L word is that it sends women into a heightened sense of awareness. As soon as they hear it, they can tell whether or not you mean it. Misuse the force and it may destroy you. Or as the saying goes, if you play with fire, you might get slapped in the middle of a restaurant.  (times of india)

Pedicure at home in 5 easy steps
You will need: Nail clippers, cotton pads, nail polish remover, cuticle cream, a nail file, a loofah, a good foot scrub and moisturiser

Step 1:

First, you need to trim and shape your nails. Remove your old nail polish with the nail polish remover and trim your nails neatly. Make sure you cut straight across and don’t cut the corners too much, as this can lead to painful ingrown nails. Use a nail file to give them the desired shape.

Step 2:

Give your feet a nice foot bath. In a basin or tub, fill warm water enough to cover up to your ankles and add some bath salts. You can also add a few drops of any essential oil of your choice. Also add a few smooth pebbles to the water. These will provide a gentle massage as you place your feet on them. Soak your feet and relax for 15-20 minutes. Dry them with a towel.

Step 3:

The next step is exfoliating. Once you are done with the foot bath, dry you feet and rub some cuticle cream on the base of each toe nail. Leave it for a few minutes. In the meanwhile, using a foot scrub and remove all the dry and dead skin cells. Be firm but do not scrape too hard. Next, wipe off the cuticle cream and push back the cuticles gently with a cuticle pusher.

Step 4:

Once you are done scrubbing, wash your feet clean and moisturise them. Moisturising helps soften, hydrate the skin and protects it from cracking. Rub a generous portion on your feet and massage well. Regular foot massages also help keep nerve endings stimulated, improve blood circulation and nourish the skin and foot muscles!

Step 5:

Now your nails are ready to get decorated. Paint them with a colour of your choice. Always apply a base coat. Wait for it to dry and then apply a coat of nail polish. Let it dry completely before you apply the next coat. This will make your nail polish last longer. You can also jazz your feet up with a pretty anklet or toe rings!  (times of india)

8 amazing summer getaways

Tired of the same old destinations? Whether you want a slice of the extravagant culture of Hong Kong and Singapore, or bask in the quite serenity of the white Roman beaches, or swear by the luxurious hill-stations around the world — there is something for everyone’s multifarious tastes in this summer holiday planner.

Hong Kong, Macau: Aptly called the ‘Vegas of the Orient’ Macau offers the most glittering slew of slot machines and gives Vegas a run for its money.

Greece: Whether its through the pulsing night-life of Mykonos , the earthiness of Delphi or the rugged Cretan mountains, Greece is like a breath of fresh air.

Singapore: Get ready to shop till you drop at the Great Singapore Sale going on till July 28. Enjoy dazzling deals on just about everything, everywhere.

Turkey: The land of the delectable Baklava, Turkey has more to it than just a lick-your-plate-clean cuisine. It is a legacy in itself that will leave you asking for more.

Canadian rockies: If travelling is synonymous with mountains, then the Canadian Rockies is just the place for you.

New Zealand: Be it the rich Maori culture or the adrenaline-rush at the Fox glacier, black-water rafting or zorbing, the Kiwis are sure going to up the excitement in your trip.

Australia: The sun-kissed harbour city of Sydney the festive grace of Adelaide or the gamut of art at Brisbane, Australia is a destination you would want to head the summer-planner.

Spain: Spain’s diversity stirs the soul. Wherever you go, you’ll find yourself revelling with admiration.  (times of india)


Exercise makes you smarter
A recent research conducted in the US says 30-minute exercise a day can make you a genius. TOI explores…

According to fitness experts, if you think muscles are just for gym enthusiasts, think again! A latest research conducted at the University Of Texas in the US says that a 30-minute workout a day could turn you into a genius.

The university pulled out information from more than 1,100 college students about their regular weekly pump and grades. The results revealed that students who got an ‘A’ exercised for at least 30 minutes — 3.52 times a week — whereas people with a C, D or an F grade only exercised for about 2.81 times a week.

We show you five ways how working out can make you smarter.

Says fitness expert Althea Shah, “Exercise improves your mood. It works as an antidepressant and thus helps lift your mood instantly. Apart from this, it also helps you to concentrate on things that you do on a daily basis. So, working out on a daily basis can actually make you smarter and more confident about yourself.”

Boosts energy
Did you know the more you move, the more energised you feel? Well, we all think that moving around too much or exercising a lot can make you feel tired and dizzy. But regular activity improves your muscle strength and boosts your endurance. It gives you the energy to think clearer and come up with new ideas. If you move around for a good 15 minutes, it will make your body produce more energy at the cellular level.

Sharpens focus
Dr John Ratey, an author, said exercise improves your brain in the short term by raising your focus for two to three hours afterwards. For example, if you have a presentation to make at work or have to make a speech, try to workout an hour before. It is believed that you will be at your peak when you perform.

In the long term, it helps you combat brain ageing or Alzheimer’s. This works on the cellular level in your system. The brain improves with the pumping of blood in your body, which happens when you exercise.

Enhances mood
Exercise is known to trigger endorphins, which improve the functioning of your brain. Thus, after you’ve exercised, your ability to sort out priorities improves, allowing you to block out distractions in life and also concentrate better on the tasks at hand.

Improves your memory
Do you know that your brain retains more when your body is active? In an experiment published in a journal, students were asked to memorise a string of letters and were then allowed to run, lift weights or sit quietly. The students who worked out were more accurate with their answers than those who chose to sit quietly after memorising.

Enhances productivity
Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘If you want something done, give it to the busy person’? When you’re productive and efficient, you are bound to succeed. It is also said that workers who exercise once mid-day between working hours, tend to contribute more than what others do. They are also more productive at work.  (times of india)

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